Feeding a sparrow

A: Mummy, can I have some bread?
B: Why?
A: There's a sparrow at the window.
B: And?
A: I want to give him some.
B: I see, here you go.
A: Look, he's going for it.
A: Yay, he ate it!
A: Mummy, give me a little more.
B: That's enough, we have plenty of mouths in our house--we're not feeding the sparrows too.

A: Mami, dej mi kousek chleba.
B: Proč?
A: Na okně je vrabec.
B: No a?
A: Chci mu kus dát.
B: Aha, tak na.
A: Koukej, jde k tomu!
A: Jé, on to snědl!
A: Mami, dej mi ještě kousek.
B: Stačilo, máme doma dost hladových krků, nebudeme ještě krmit vrabce.