Exercise: Learn from the masters


Watch the first minute of the following presentations. Even if you want to continue watching (especially if you want to continue watching!), pause the presentation after the first minute and think about the opening.

Was it interesting? Did it make you want to watch more? If so, why?

Meg Jay, Why 30 is not the new 20, TED 2013

Hans Rosling, The magic washing machine, TEDWomen 2010

Simon Sinek, How great leaders inspire action, TEDx Puget Sound

Amanda Palmer, The art of asking, TED 2013

John Oliver, Food waste, Last Week Tonight

Dan Ariely, What makes us feel good about our work, TEDx Rio de la Plata

Dan Ariely, Self control, TEDx Duke University

Logan LaPlante, Hackschooling makes me happy, TEDx University of Nevada

Steve Jobs, How to live before you die, Stanford University

Laura Carstensen, Older people are happier, TEDxWomen 2011

Hannah Fry, The mathematics of love, TEDx Binghamton University

John Oliver, Sugar, Last Week Tonight

John Oliver, Marketing to doctors, Last Week Tonight

Yuval Noah Harari, What explains the rise of humans, TEDGlobal London

Yassmin Abdel Magied, What does my headscarf mean to you, TEDx South Bank

Even though the presentations are all quite different, there are similarities in the way the speakers chose to open them. Can you see any patterns? Have you been able to identify any techniques that you, too, could use as a great opening for your own presentation?

Care to share?

Post your answer in the discussion.

Do you have a favorite presentation that others should see?

Post the link in the discussion and tell us what you like about the presentation. (Presentations that are not in English should have subtitles.)


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